Marketers, here’s why mobile pay-per-click ads are your best buy

Originally posted on VentureBeat:

mobile pay-per-click adsAs smartphone technology comes ever closer to equaling that of the personal computer, many of the tried and true marketing techniques of the Digital Era are transitioning to those miniature devices. Mobile search is the latest frontier to be pushed by app developers and web designers. Mobile search is expected to surpass desktop search by 2015, according to Marin Software’s March 2012 State of Mobile Search in the U.S. report.

Nearly half of all Americans own a smartphone, and most use them for more than calling and texting. With that in mind, marketers are finding great value in shifting dollars away from traditional Web marketing channels to mobile targeted initiatives, specifically to mobile pay-per-click ads.

As a relatively new technology, mobile PPC ads are starkly underpriced. Compared to desktop and tablet pay-per-click ads, smartphone PPC ads yield the highest click-through-rate (4.12 percent) and the lowest cost ($0.53). Mobile clicks continue…

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